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    Chi Dar Ceramics

    Ignition Electrode

    The Delicate Manufacture For Your Gas Appliances

  • Who We Are

    Chi Dar Special Ceramic Co., LTD



    Chi Dar Special Ceramic Co., LTD, was inherited from Wang Chuan Chiy Group. Wang Chuan Chiy Group, was founded in 1930, professional in ceramic products. The founder, Mr. Wan How Wang, started the business from the bottom.

    His consistency and hard-working personality have earned a great reputation globally for the company’s fine product – Roof Tiles, which not only occupies most of the domestic market, but also goes overseas to Japan.

    The 3rd generation of Wang Chuan Chiy Group – Mr. Jen Yiau Wang who was well known in ceramic industry, majored in ceramic technology in Japan from 1976 to 1978.

    In 1979, Chi Dar Special Ceramic Co., LTD, was founded and soon became the only manufacturer of Ignition Electrode in Taiwan to supply gas appliances (gas water heaters, gas stoves, barbecue grills, etc.).

    In 2000, Bosch Germany has contacted Chi Dar and since then our cooperation started.
    The strong partnership with Bosch approves that the product quality of Chi Dar has reached international level.

    Bosch's complete confidence in Chi Dar stimulated our export business in 2003. So far it has been extended to Japan, U.S.A., Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, etc.


    Within nearly 40 years of experience our total selling quantity has accumulated up to over 200 million pieces.

    Everything is done by our enthusiasm and dedication.


    The two outstanding traits of Chi Dar that our customers appreciate are Integrity and Quality!!!

  • Our Work

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    Our Clients

    Our organization works with a wide variety of clients, from Taiwan to Japan, U.S.A., France , Portugal, Spain, Thailand , Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, etc..


    Bosch, Germany

    Bosch, Portugal

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    Quality Control

    • Chi Dar renewed the Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2015 in 2020.
    • Quality is our responsibility and great honor.
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    2019 Hearth, patio & barbecue Expo

    We will be in Dallas this year!!

    Come visit us and check what we've got for you!

    Booth No. 811

  • Honors & Certificates

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    Certificate of Appreciation

    Mr. Wan How Wang, the founder of

    Wang Chuan Chiy Group got honored the Certificate of Appreciation from Taiwan Exposition on November 28, 1935

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    Third Prize

    Wang Chuan Chiy Group got honored the third prize from Industrial Development Exposition on February 20, 1934

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    Second Prize

    Wang Chuan Chiy Group got honored the second prize from Commercial Community on September 28, 1943

  • Products

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    Ignition Electrode

    for gas cooktops.

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    Ignition Electrode

    for gas water heaters.

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    Ignition Electrode and Ionization Electrode

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    Ignition Electrode

    for barbecue grills.

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    Industrial Ceramics

    ( 96% Alumina Al₂O₃)

    • High temperature insulation resistance.
    • High ceramic structure strength.
    • Anti-grinding: hardness equivalent to 9 or more on the Mohs scale.
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  • Quality Control

    We've got a top-notch team!

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    High Voltage Testing

    The electrode with voltage 15KV.AC could run over 1 minute long, has no unusual electric power-release.

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    High Temperature Insulation Resistance Testing

    • Insulation resistance (20°C) is 1014 Ω cm
    • Insulation resistance (400°C) is 109-1010Ω cm
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    Ceramic Strength

    • Can undertake 50 kg with no cracking
    • Durable for 15KV.AC testing.
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    Electrode Adhesive Strength

    Can withstand up to 8 kg. The bonding agent between electrode and ceramics is alumina cement.

    (Being assigned by Japan customers)

    Color: white, as same as the ceramic itself

    Temperature: can remain the same strength from 0°C~1500°C

  • Meet Our Team

    Chi Dar Special Ceramic Co. Leadership

    Jen Yiau Wang


    Jasmine Wang

    Business Development Manager

    Ben Wang

    Sales Manager

    Yen Chi Wang

    Manufacture Department Manager

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